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Combine the words

Combine the words

6c. A whale of a time — Прекрасное время

1. Combine the words in the columns. Use the words to complete the sentences. — Сопоставьте слова в колонках. Используйте слова, чтобы дополнить предложения.

  1. souvenir (d) shopping — покупка сувениров
  2. water (e) skiing — катание на водных лыжах
  3. hair-raising (с) rides — захватывающие дух горки
  4. wave (b) riding — катание на волнах
  5. theme (a) park — тематический парк
  1. You need a boat to go water skiing. — Вам нужна лодка, чтобы покататься на водных лыжах.
  2. We’ve been on some hair-raising rides at Alton Towers. — Мы были на некоторых захватывающих дух горках в Альтон Тауэрс.
  3. I bought this scarf while souvenir shopping in Morocco. — Я купила этот шарф, когда ходила за сувенирами в Марокко.
  4. Wave riding is one of the most exciting things you can do with a surfboard. — Катание на волнах — одно из самых восхитительных, что можно сделать с доской для сёрфинга.
  5. Disneyland is a world famous theme park in the United States. — Диснейлэнд — один из известных тематических парков в США.

2. Complete the sentences with has/have gone or has/have been in the appropriate form. — Дополните предложения словами has/have gone или has/have been в нужной форме.

  1. Where has the dog gone? — Куда убежала собака?
  2. Have you been abroad this year? — Ты была заграницей в этот год?
  3. Jane’s not here. She has gone to her father’s for the weekend. — Джейн здесь нет. Она уехала к отцу на выходные.
  4. James has been to the cinema three times this week. — Джеймс был в кинотеатре три раза на этой неделе.
  5. I have never been to America. — Я никогда не был в Америке.
  6. I feel much better now. My toothache has gone. — Я чувствую себя намного лучше. Зубная боль прошла.
  7. I don’t know where he has gone. Perhaps he is at the university. — Я не знаю, куда он ушел. Возможно, он в университете.

3. Listen and fill in the missing information. — Послушайте и заполните пропущенную информацию.


  • A: California Adventure Summer Camp. How can I help you? — Приключенческий летний лагерь Калифорния. Чем могу вам помочь?
  • B: Oh, hello. My name is Sam Roberts and I would like some information about the camp. — О, здравствуйте. Меня зовут Сэм Робертс, и я хотел бы получить информацию о лагере.
  • A: Sure. First of all, you must be between 12 and 17 years old to join. — Конечно. Для начала, вам должно быть от 12 до 17 лет, чтобы приехать в лагерь.
  • B: I’m turning 12 next month, is that ok? — Мне исполняется 12 в следующем месяце, это подойдет?
  • A: Yes, that should be fine. — Да, должно пройти.
  • B: What can you do at the camp? — Что можно делать в лагере?
  • A: Loads of exciting things! You can have lots of fun in the water surfing, wave riding and scuba diving. There’s a scheduled visit to a famous theme park every week and you can also learn survival skills while hiking in the mountains. — Множество восхитительных вещей! Вы можете получать удовольствие от серфинга, катания на волнах и ныряния. Запланировано посещение знаменитого тематического парка каждую неделю, также вы можете изучать навыки выживания в походах по горам.
  • B: That sounds terrific! When do your sessions start? — Звучит потрясно! Когда начинаются заезды?
  • A: Our sessions run from June 15 to September 25. — Заезды с 15 июня по 25 сентября.
  • B: And how much do they cost? — А сколько стоит один заезд?
  • A: It’s $ 500 for a two-week session and $ 950 for a four week session. — 500 долларов на две недели и 950 долларов на четыре недели.
  • B: Right. Thank you very much. — Ага. Спасибо большое.
  • A: Goodbye. — До свидания.

Are you … — Вы/Вам…

  • looking for something exciting to do this summer? — ищите что-нибудь восхитительное на это лето?
  • interested in adventurous experiences? — заинтересованы в получении опыта приключений?
  • 12-1) 17 years old? — от 12 до 17 лет?

Come to CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE summer camp where there’s non-stop fun — Приезжайте в летний приключенческий лагерь Калифорния, где можно веселиться без перерыва.

  • GO 2) surfing & WAVE RIDING — занимайтесь сёрфингом и катайтесь на волнах
  • GO SCUBA DIVING — занимайтесь подводным плаванием
  • VISIT A FAMOUS THEME PARK — посетите известный тематический парк
  • LEARN SURVIVAL SKILLS — изучайте навыки выживания
  • June 15th to September 3) 25th. — С 15 июня по 25 сентября
  • 4) Two-week session $500 — двухнедельный заезд стоит 500 долларов
  • Four-week session 5) $ 950 — четырехнедельный заезд стоит 950 долларов


Merge words in a quick and easy way for Google AdWords, link building, domain registrations, and database development. Enter the words below and click ‘Merge Words’ button.

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merge words online by smallseotools

One of the most daunting tasks faced by SEOs and webmasters is finding the right combination of words to use in their websites. Search engines examine the title, description and the header 1 in websites and depending on how relevant and informative they are they rank the websites. SEOs and webmasters put in a lot of effort on trying to secure a top ranking for their websites. The more visible a website is on search engines, the more traffic they will get, and for ecommerce sites turning clicks to sales in the primary target.

There are two main areas that SEOs work on in trying to get websites to rank well on search engines. SEOs know the importance of keywords and that’s why Google Analytical Tools is so popular with them. Google Analytical tools and Adwords list keywords depending on the topic. Keywords have to be used carefully in any website, as overuse of a keyword can be marked as ‘stuffing’ by search engines which will have a negative impact on the website. That’s why SEOs and content writers must be careful in using keywords. As yet there’s no perfect formula regarding what percentage of keywords should be used in webpage.

why merge words online tool

Finding the right combinations of words to use in the pages of a website is not an easy task. You might need to combine words to get a relevant domain name; or to write the title of your website, or to use as headings in the content of the website.All these three areas are of extreme importance in getting a website to rank well on search engines.

Finding the right combinations of words to use in the pages of a website is not an easy task. You might need to combine words to get a relevant domain name; or to write the title of your website, or to use as headings in the content of the website.All these three areas are of extreme importance in getting a website to rank well on search engines.

Finding the right combinations of words to use in the pages of a website is not an easy task. You might need to combine words to get a relevant domain name; or to write the title of your website, or to use as headings in the content of the website.All these three areas are of extreme importance in getting a website to rank well on search engines.

Keyword research is one of the most difficult tasks that SEOs face, if they get the keywords wrong subsequent SEO efforts will fail. That’s why keyword research is so important and SEOs need to spend sufficient time on it. Because of its difficulty website owners, SEOs, bloggers and internet bloggers don’t spend enough time in conducting this research. This is ironic as it’s the keywords that you use on your website that will drive visitors to it.

If you don’t choose the right keywords that your customers are searching for, your website won’t be found. This means no traffic, no sales and no income. Now this is not the fate you want for your website.

Therefore explore all the avenues for keyword research and use tools to find the right combinations of them to use in your website content.

how to use merge words online tool

You must use words from different sources and merge them together. Going back to the example if the three keywords auto-sports and UAE are combined with formula 1 racing, desert derby, stock cars race, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi you will get a whole list of keyword phrases. Using these keyword phrases will positively impact the website ranking on search engines.

Depending on your website you should study your visitors’ trend by looking at your competitors. See the words and combinations that they are using. After doing this research you can form your own keyword combinations to use.

After the content contained in a website, the second important factor that SEOs have to focus on is link building. If a website has top quality and relevant content and links to credible websites it will rank well on search engines.

merge words

Now, that you have listed all the keywords that you want to use in your website. Next, you want to combine them and you need a tool to make all the possible combinations from which you can select which ones you want to use.

You should go to smallseotools.com and find the ‘merge words’ tool and click on it. Or you can copy/paste
smallseotools.com/merge-words-online-tool in your search browser and go directly to the tool. Now over here there are three text boxes in which you enter the words to combine. You can do a trial run by selecting words from Adwords, domaining, and link building. Enter the words in the three text boxes and the tool will display the number of combinations it has made of the words from the three text boxes.

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Now what you should do is to enter the major words of your domain in the first text box. Next enter the categories if you have more than one on your website in the second box. Lastly enter other relevant words in the third text box. Once you click on ‘Merge Words!’ it will merge the words and display them. Now you can select the combined words that you want to use in the content of your website.

It’s a very handy tool and SEOs should use it. Not only when they are designing and developing a website, but also when they want to combine more than one website into one website and also when they update the content of their websites. It’s a free and easy to use tool; so go right ahead and use it. the combined words will assist you in using better and more catchy words in your website’s content.

Combine document revisions

After you send a document out for review, you might get a lot of copies back—with suggestions and revisions you don’t want to miss. When that happens, combine all those edits and ideas into one document.

Merge two versions of a document

Click Review > Compare > Combine.

A pop-up window lets you choose the Original document and the Revised document.

Under Original document, click the down arrow and choose the document you sent for review. If you need to browse to the file’s location, click the folder icon. Remember, this is the original document that you worked on without any changes or modifications.

Under Revised document, choose the document you want to merge.

In the Label unmarked changes with box, type a name or phrase so you’ll know who suggested the changes.

Click More to get more options for combining the documents.

Under Show changes in, click New document.

Word opens a new document that combines the original document and the copy you merged with it. The screen is divided into three sections. One section shows the Revisions made, the middle section shows the combined document, and the third section,which is split in two, displays the Original document and Revised document.

If that’s too much information on the screen, click Compare > Show Source Documents > Hide Source Documents. Note the red vertical line that shows where changes were made.

When you’ve resolved the combined changes the way you want, save the document.

Tip: Next time, skip all of this by sharing the document on OneDrive and inviting people to add their edits and comments.

Merge additional copies

If you want to merge more copies, save the document that contains the combined changes of the first two copies. Then merge the additional copies with that document.

Click Review > Compare > Combine.

Under Original document, click the arrow and then click the document that contains the combined changes.

Under Revised document, click the next copy you want to merge.

In the Label unmarked changes with box, type a name or phrase so you’ll know who suggested the changes.

Under Show changes in, click Original document.

Bright Hub Education

Word Formation

Word formation occurs when compounding, clipping or blending existing words to create new words. Below we will cover the definition of these terms and give you several examples of each.

Compounding Words

Compounding words are formed when two or more lexemes combine into a single new word. Compound words may be written as one word or as two words joined with a hyphen. For example:

  • noun-noun compound: note + book → notebook
  • adjective-noun compound: blue + berry → blueberry
  • verb-noun compound: work + room → workroom
  • noun-verb compound: breast + feed → breastfeed
  • verb-verb compound: stir + fry → stir-fry
  • adjective-verb compound: high + light → highlight
  • verb-preposition compound: break + up → breakup
  • preposition-verb compound: out + run → outrun
  • adjective-adjective compound: bitter + sweet → bittersweet
  • preposition-preposition compound: in + to → into

Compounds may be compositional, meaning that the meaning of the new word is determined by combining the meanings of the parts, or non-compositional, meaning that the meaning of the new word cannot be determined by combining the meanings of the parts. For example, a blueberry is a berry that is blue. However, a breakup is not a relationship that was severed into pieces in an upward direction.

Compound nouns should not be confused with nouns modified by adjectives, verbs, and other nouns. For example, the adjective black of the noun phrase black bird is different from the adjective black of the compound noun blackbird in that black of black bird functions as a noun phrase modifier while the black of blackbird is an inseparable part of the noun: a black bird also refers to any bird that is black in color while a blackbird is a specific type of bird.

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Clipping Words

Clipping is the word formation process in which a word is reduced or shortened without changing the meaning of the word. Clipping differs from back-formation in that the new word retains the meaning of the original word. For example:

  • advertisement – ad
  • alligator – gator
  • examination – exam
  • gasoline – gas
  • gymnasium – gym
  • influenza – flu

The four types of clipping are back clipping, fore-clipping, middle clipping, and complex clipping. Back clipping is removing the end of a word as in gas from gasoline. Fore-clipping is removing the beginning of a word as in gator from alligator. Middle clipping is retaining only the middle of a word as in flu from influenza. Complex clipping is removing multiple parts from multiple words as in sitcom from situation comedy.

Blending Words

Blending is the word formation process in which parts of two or more words combine to create a new word whose meaning is often a combination of the original words. Below are examples of blending words.

  • advertisement + entertainment → advertainment
  • biographical + picture → biopic
  • breakfast + lunch → brunch
  • chuckle + snort → chortle
  • cybernetic + organism → cyborg
  • guess + estimate → guesstimate
  • hazardous + material → hazmat
  • motor + hotel → motel
  • prim + sissy → prissy
  • simultaneous + broadcast → simulcast
  • smoke + fog → smog
  • Spanish + English → Spanglish
  • spoon + fork → spork
  • telephone + marathon → telethon
  • web + seminar → webinar

Blended words are also referred to as portmanteaus.

Word Formation Sample Downloads

For more complete lists of English words formed through compounding, clipping, and blending, please download the following free printable vocabulary lists:

Combine — перевод, произношение, транскрипция

существительное ↓

глагол ↓

Мои примеры


Воспользуйтесь поиском для того, чтобы найти нужное словосочетание, или посмотрите все.


Oil and water do not combine.

Масло и вода не смешиваются. ☰

Let us combine our two firms against our competitors.

Давайте объединим усилия двух наших фирм против конкурентов. ☰

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl.

Смешайте все ингредиенты в большой миске. ☰

This chemical combines with air to form a liquid.

Данное химическое вещество соединяется с воздухом, и получается жидкость. ☰

Small nations often have to combine against the power of a large one.

Малым державам нередко приходится объединяться, чтобы противостоять мощи крупного государства. ☰

Hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water.

Атомы водорода соединяются с атомами кислорода с образованием воды. ☰

It is difficult to combine these several propositions.

Соединить столь разные утверждения трудно. ☰

Diets are most effective when combined with exercise.

Эффективнее всего диеты оказываются в сочетании с физическими упражнениями. ☰

Many people enjoy combining a holiday with learning a new skill.

Многим нравится совмещать отдых с обучением новым навыкам. ☰

Steel is produced by combining iron with carbon.

Сталь производится путём соединения железа с углеродом. ☰

The product combines the benefits of moist heat and aromatherapy.

Этот продукт объединяет преимущества влажного пара и аромотерапии. ☰

Different amino acids combine to form proteins.

Различные аминокислоты комбинируются, образуя белки. ☰

The side-pieces combine and compaginate the whole frame.

Боковые элементы скрепляют и удерживают всю раму. ☰

The factory was sold to a British combine after the war.

После войны фабрику продали одному английскому синдикату. ☰

Good carpet wool needs to combine softness with strength.

Хорошая ковровая шерсть должна сочетать мягкость с прочностью. ☰

Our staff combine efficient service with a personal touch (=they do things in a friendly way).

Наши сотрудники совмещают эффективное обслуживание с индивидуальным подходом (т.е. они делают всё дружелюбно). ☰

The combined effects of the war and the drought resulted in famine.

Война, в сочетании с засухой, привела к голоду. ☰

A number of factors have combined to create this difficult situation.

Столь сложная ситуация получилась в результате сложения нескольких факторов. ☰

Ten British and French companies combined to form the Channel Tunnel Group.

Десять британских и французских компаний объединились, чтобы организовать «Channel Tunnel Group». ☰

Ruth hesitated, uncertain of how to combine honesty and diplomacy in her answer.

Рут запнулась, не зная, как ответить, чтобы было и честно, и тактично. ☰

University zoologists and government vets are combining forces (=working together) to investigate the disease.

Университетские зоологи и правительственные ветеринары объединяют усилия (т.е. работают вместе) над исследованием данного заболевания. ☰

Примеры, ожидающие перевода

These forces combined with others

The suites combine comfort with convenience.

The teams belong to a combine that scouts new players.

Для того чтобы добавить вариант перевода, кликните по иконке ☰ , напротив примера.

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